Paris Countdown: Five Days!

It won’t be long now.  My camera gear is ready to go, the research is done, and our travel documents have been checked and checked again.  But there is still time for another retrospective of previous visits.

Paris is often called the City of Light or “La Ville-Lumière.” The origin of this term has several competing theories, but we photographers know that the real reason is what happens after sunset.  The Parisians know how to illuminate their city.   According to Elaine Sciolino, in a 2006 New York Times article, considerable resources are dedicated to lighting the monuments, buildings, and bridges of Paris.  There is an entire lighting division in City Hall responsible for choosing the design, style, color, intensity, and timing of the lighting for  some 300 structures within the city’s 40 square miles.


Twilight, Institut de France from the Right Bank

The image above shows the Institut de France with the Pont des Arts, a pedestrian bridge, on the left.  The bridge links the Institut with the central court of the Louvre Museum.


Twilight, Pont Neuf, from the Right Bank

Pont Neuf, a short walk away, is another example.  This was taken about five minutes earlier than the image of the Institut de France  This is the oldest bridge across the Seine today.  Construction started in the 16th century and it was the first bridge not lined with houses on both sides.


 Sacre-Coeur at Night

 A few days later, I was on the rooftop terrace of Printemps (64 Blvd. Haussman),  and captured this scene of the Sacre-Coeur Basilica located on Montmarte Hill.

If all goes well, I should find a few more opportunities to photograph the La Nuit en Paris.   And, as in my previous post on Paris, I welcome any suggestions for subjects and/or locations. I’ve had several interesting suggestions already.  Just use the Comments option to send them.

13 thoughts on “Paris Countdown: Five Days!

  1. Gorgeous photos, the lighting is indeed beautiful and you have captured it spectacularly! I hope you have a wonderful time back in Paris, bet you’re just a little bit excited! 🙂


  2. Beautiful photos, Robin. I hope you get some more this trip. I was first in Paris a year ago and it rained every day but it was still Paris. I want to go back and spend a few weeks to round out my understanding of this beautiful city. Hope you get a chance to have a martini at Harry’s Bar. That became a nice little respite spot for me after touring all day. Have fun.


  3. Robin, the pictures are simply gorgeous; suspect you will be somewhat challenged to top them (and you will). We spent a good pert of the day at Pere Lachaise–truly another world.


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