26 thoughts on “Notre Dame at Twilight

    • Thanks, Stacy. The light is quite different here. Twilight seems to last much longer than it does back in DC. That may be due to the fact Paris is farther north, latitude-wise. Hope conditions continue to cooperate.


  1. There should be a better tag than just “like” for this one, Robin. You’ve outdone yourself. This is a beautiful image and I know exactly where you took it. Personally I think the back end of Notre Dame is more compelling than the front entrance and you’ve got the light perfect. I like the way the slow speed you used glassed up the water and made it all silky. Beautiful. Don’t forget to go by Harry’s Bar and have one of their martinis! Have fun.


    • Thanks, very much, Kongo. That’s really nice of you to say. I agree that this angle has more interest. There were a couple of other shooters there, a fellow from Ukraine (tripod) with his business colleague from L.A. (iPhone) and a woman from Korea (tripod). And thanks for the tip on Harry’s. Sounds great and I have already have located it on Google maps.


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