Paris: Île Saint-Louis at Twilight


Île Saint-Louis at Twilight

Photographed on June 2, 2014 at about 10:30 PM.  The bridge in the foreground is Pont Tournelle, connecting the left bank with Ile Saint Louis.  Notre Dame can be seen to the far left. This panorama image was constructed from ten separate images and combined with the Photomerge tool in Photoshop CC.

15 thoughts on “Paris: Île Saint-Louis at Twilight

    • Thanks! I hope to do that. It was handheld and high ISO, so it may not go much wider than 2 feet, but I’ll have access to this location again and I’m trying to figure out some kind of jury rig for a stable platform.


      • I’ve used my camera bag when I’ve left my tripod behind. Did you take this with a vertical or horizontal frame?


      • I had the tripod, but this was a leaning out the window shot. So I wouldn’t want to put my camera bag out there. However, that does give me an idea. If I were to place a pillow in the rain gutter and make sure the camera was tethered, the only danger to the pedestrians below would be a falling pillow.
        Normally, I do the sequence with a vertical forma, but these were horizontal. One thing that helped was that the left to right swing was almost exactly 180 degrees with the extreme left side being zero and the extreme right side being 180. I think this helped minimize the distortion.

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  1. Great shot, nice to see you are making good work of you time in Paris! on the tripod idea. I have been known to use my running shoe. the body of the camera sits in where your ankle sits, and the lens on the tongue of the shoe – it helps to hold up the lens where you want it! I will use the two or ten second timer so I am not touching the camera once it is set. I almost always keep my camera strap around my neck, even when it is on a tripod!


    • Thanks, Stacy. I didn’t know how it would be, but the place where we are staying has excellent Internet connectivity. I’m not doing a lot of fine tuning on the images, but whenever something good happens, no reason to wait. Plus, it’s nice to sit still and recharge before launching off for another adventure.


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