Sunflower Alert!

As many area photographers (and painters) know, this is the time of year that several fields of sunflowers located near Poolesville, Maryland come into bloom. They are located in McKee-Beshers Wildlife Management Area and are accessible to the public. I was out there yesterday to check on their status and the flowers need a little more time. Three people who were also inspecting the blooms advised me that it would be about a week before prime time.

Sunflowers Kent Blog 01Sunflowers at Early Light

The above photo was taken last year on July 16 in the field that is easiest to find (the one I checked yesterday) which will give a sense of the scene to those not familiar with this spot.  Further information can be found at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources.  The page contains links to two maps showing the locations of the fields.

19 thoughts on “Sunflower Alert!

    • Thanks very much. A few years ago, the agency that usually plants the sunflowers decided to skip a year, disappointing not only photographers but a lot of painters and bird watchers. One side effect is a greater appreciation among all of us when we see that the plants will be there.


    • Thanks for the heads up on Kenilworth. I had planned to go there on Saturday AM with a friend but it didn’t work out. It’s good to know that the lotus blossoms are ready. We didn’t know for sure. I’ll check the link on your post, I’m embarrassed to admit I’m behind in reading the blogs I follow and, of course, yours is one of them.


      • They are definitely in bloom! From reading their brochure, there are various kinds of lotus and water lily that will bloom thru August. So you’ve got the summer. I missed the pond with the extra large (10 feet diameter) lily pads, so I’ll have to come back for that one 🙂


    • Thanks very much for visiting and for your comments. Unfortunately, this part of the United States doesn’t have any tulip fields. I wish we did. The ones I saw on your blog were incredible. But I can’t complain; there is much to see in this area.


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  2. ??? Where the heck are they, Robin? I live near there and was just down at the usual location a few days ago, only to find… nothing. Are they in a different location?

    Nice shot, by the way! 🙂


    • They were there a few weeks ago when I made the post. I haven’t been able to get back since then. Did you go to the one with the rough gravel parking lot right on River Road? It is 2.6 miles from where River Road has that T-intersection with Seneca Road (112) going off to the right. Right at the Bretton Woods Golf Course. You take a left at that intersection and go 2.6 miles on River Road to the parking lot on the left side of the road. But it’s been more than 2 weeks, so they may be past their prime.


      • Arrgh.

        I’ve been looking for them an additional 2.3 miles further down at the intersection with Sycamore Landing Road, which is where I’ve seen them for a long time in years past. However, your patch (which we just found last night) is much bigger in area and has *huge* plants, though it’s well past prime for them now. The place I go to has much smaller plants by comparison, and the area is only a couple of acres.

        For what it’s worth, about a decade ago during one of the fall months, we were walking our dogs at the place you described and encountered a hunter there in the parking lot that acted odd. We hustled the dogs into the car, and right after we did, he began shooting his rifle into the dirt at his feet — about 6 feet from where we were sitting in our pickup truck. We called the incident into the local police, but he was long gone by the time they showed up.


  3. Hi, Mitch. Yikes, that is a scary story. As you probably know, the sunflowers are planted for the seeds which will attract birds later in the year during hunting season. Whenever I’m out there with my camera I always see some expended shotgun shells in the field. I guess that’s the difference between a Wildlife “Management” Area and a Wildlife Refuge.


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