Yosemite and Beyond

I am pleased to announce that a solo exhibition of my images is now showing at the Cherrydale Library of the Arlington, Virginia Public Library System. The thirteen images feature a retrospective of works from the western states of Oregon, Washington, and California.  More information about the exhibit can be found at the Arlington Library website.  Many thanks to Greg and Suzanne Embree who curated and installed the exhibit.  I am pleased with how it turned out. For those living nearby and might be interested in seeing the show, the hours of the Cherry Library are posted here.  The exhibit will be up until October 6, 2014.  Here are two images from the exhibit:


Kent Yosemite Valley

Clearing Storm, Yosemite Valley

Photographed from Tunnel View on May 9, 2013, shortly after a robust thunderstorm had passed through the valley.

Kent Christine Falls thumbnail

Christine Falls, Mount Rainier National Park

This is the second of two cascades that comprise Christine Falls.  This cascade is about 40 feet high and is found along the entrance road leading to the Paradise Visitor Center.  Photographed on July 28, 2013.



28 thoughts on “Yosemite and Beyond

    • Thanks, Laura. We were very lucky that evening. The three of us arrived at Tunnel View in a light rain, and there were only about a dozen folks there. Then the thunderstorm hit and everyone (except us) jumped in their cars and left. We decided to stick it out and waited in our car. In about twenty minutes, the rain stopped, this scene began to develop, and then a ray of golden light from the setting sun shot across the valley. We were the only ones there.


  1. Wow these images are so neat and perfectly done as always 🙂 Simply gorgeous! All the best with your exhibits!


  2. Robin,

    I love these photos – marvelous. And congratulations on your exhibition. I can say I knew you before you got too famous!

    All the best,



  3. Congratulations! I was born in Washington, DC, so I know Arlington well. Every time I see one of your photographs I feel uplifted. Thanks for sharing and sending you good energy from Ibiza.


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