Mono Lake

I’m back on the road again, this time in Lee Vining, California where I will be joining a night photography workshop led by Michael Frye. The class starts tomorrow, but that shouldn’t be reason not to go out at sunrise, especially when the body clock is on Eastern Time and something like Mono Lake is a short distance away. The one downside of this area is Internet poverty. So this will have to be a small post so it can fit through the little bitty Wi-Fi pipes that are available.

Kent Mono Lake Blog 01

Mono Lake at Dawn

(Technical Data: Nikon D800E on tripod with 24-70mm lens extended to 70mm; exposure: 1/40th sec. @ f/4.0, ISO 400, Time of day: 5:46 AM)

18 thoughts on “Mono Lake

  1. Hi Robin, nice image! While you are busy shooting amazing landscapes, Laurie and I will be having dinner together tomorrow night. BTW, Rainier was great, but socked in and foggy for most of the visit. Great reason to go back. Amazing wildflowers.


  2. BEWARE! I did a night photo workshop in the Adirondacks and also took advantage of sunrise while I was there. I was never so tired in my life. I had to crawl into my back seat at a rest stop. All the coffee in the world couldn’t keep me awake! Have fun! I like your sunrise shot!


    • Thanks for the warning. No sunrise shenanigans today, we are scheduled to be back by 1:00 AM tomorrow. But as I look at the class schedule, I see we have a night session ending at 1:00 Am followed by an optional 5:00 AM departure for a sunrise shot. Should be an interesting group dynamics study to see how many take the option.


  3. Robin, I can’t believe how many posts I have missed seeing! So beware, over the next few days you’ll be getting a lot of comments from me. Actually, I played catch up with another blogging buddy last week – I left so many comments that Akizmet (or whatever it’s called) flagged my comments as spam. I thought that was hysterical…

    Anyway, to the beautiful photo at hand. Leaving aside the fact that you were up at oh-dark-hundred (do others say that, or is it just my family?), I’m curious about your choice of f-stop. How did you manage to get such great depth of field shooting at f/4??


    • Hi, Stacy, not to worry. Comments are always appreciated. It’s nice to know that people are checking the posts. You won’t be getting any spam notices from me;-) Regarding the time, our phrase here is OH-Dark-Thirty, but the word “hundred” is probably more appropriate, especially for folks attuned to the 24-hour system. The depth of field may be more apparent than real. There isn’t much in the foreground and the image is fairly small here.


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