Lunar Eclipse and Lincoln Memorial

Lunar Eclipse 02

Well, I’m sure everyone is putting up their take on the lunar eclipse that occurred a few hours ago. This is my first attempt at a  multiple image composite showing the process of the eclipse.  This sequence began at 5:35 AM EDT and ended at 6:45 AM after the moon became obscured by clouds or haze near the horizon.  I used an intervalometer to control the camera sequence, taking one image every 60 seconds.  The combination here is a selection of every fourth image.  A few taken after the moon disappeared were also included in order to get a little more detail on the Lincoln Memorial and a better blue in the sky.   The brightness of the illuminated crescent during the early exposures unfortunately blew out the portions of the moon in shadow.  Nevertheless, the entire moon was visible to the naked eye.  But if the weather cooperates on September 28, 2015 I’ll have another chance.  In the meantime, I have 11 months to play around with this set to see if I can tease out more detail.

17 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse and Lincoln Memorial

    • Thank you very much, Lisa. It is my first attempt to do a sequence with the moon moving through the frame. But the overall technique is somewhat similar to the way I have photographed star trails, which I learned from Michael Frye, a photographer who has workshops in Yosemite National Park.


    • Thanks for the comments and question. Actually, the exposures were different as the eclipse moved toward totality. The intervalometer was set to shoot every 60 seconds. Everything was set on manual. The moon is extremely bright when full or nearly full so those exposures would be around 1/60th @ f/16, ISO 400. But at maximum totality the exposure needs to be much longer and at a higher ISO. So I made occasional adjustments (being careful not to move the camera’s position) over the course of the event. I scouted the location a day ahead of time, using the Photographer’s Ephemeris app.on my iPad.


  1. Fantastic, Robin! My daughter tried to convince me to watch it, but seeing as how I only got INTO bed at 3 in the morning, there was no way I was going to get up a few hours later. In retrospect, I could have just stayed up, but now I have your wonderful photo to look at instead. Brilliant 🙂


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