After-Before Friday Forum Week #23


This week Stacy Fischer’s ABFriday Forum is announcing a “Reader’s Pick” for the Forum.  Here is how it works:  Previous participants during Week 1 through last week (Week 22) have been asked to submit a “Before” image on their own and those submissions are now on display at VisualVenturing here.

Visitors to that site are invited to look over the images and vote for one.  Mine is there, but it will be–like all the others–anonymous.  The image receiving the most votes will then be post-processed by all of the participants and the different interpretations of that image will be displayed as a group on November 14th, which marks the half-year point (week 26) of the Forum.

All of the participants except for the one who made the image selected by the readers will be working on an image that is not their own.  What will they do?  Does the fact that it is not your own image change one’s entire editorial philosophy?  Will the participants attempt to create something unexpected or  something bizarre?  will this be an occasion in which the more traditional editing route is the most dangerous?

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the fun.  Vote early, vote often.

The Ballot Box can be found at

5 thoughts on “After-Before Friday Forum Week #23

    • Sorry Stacy: As the other comment indicates, I screwed up and left town before I figured out there was a problem. Post has been corrected, but will also include the correct link in a soon to be published post.


  1. Robin, I went to vote and I could not get to the site. I was told it did not exist. Would you check your links? I would like to vote (and guess which photo is your!) and then see the results in November. Kathy


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