Bethesda Fountain, Central Park

First, an apology to my fellow contributors at ABFriday Forum for publishing a dead link to the Week 23 Forum a few days ago.  It couldn’t have happened at a worst time because this week featured the long-anticipated annoucement of the “Reader’s Poll” whereby all readers can vote for the image they would most like to see undergo post-processing by 11 different photographers. Worse yet, I was traveling without a computer and could not repair the damage until now.  Here is the actual and, hopefully, correct link: ABFriday Week 23.  The poll will remain open until midnight Wednesday November 4th.

And now back to the normal program:

Central Park 01

Bethesda Fountain, Central Park, New York City

The Bethesda Fountain is topped by the Angel of the Waters statue, the only statue that was commissioned for Central Park.  According to the park’s website, the fountain commemorates the Croton water system, which first brought fresh water to New York City in 1842. The angel carries a lily in her left hand — a symbol of the water’s purity, very important to a city that had previously suffered from a devastating cholera epidemic before the system was established. It was created by Emma Stebbins, the first time a woman received a public art commission in New York City.


21 thoughts on “Bethesda Fountain, Central Park

  1. Robin, I just returned from my first trip to NYC in 15 years. We stayed in the World Trade Center area, and we took another but tour which included of course driving all around Central Park. I just ordered a book on Amazon with 256 photographs of Central Park. I wonder if your fountain will be one of them ! Thank you for the wonderful photograph….it is really gorgeous.


    • Hi, Annette: Thanks for your comments. The World Trade Center is another great area to explore, but I’m glad you were able to see Central Park as well. I’m sure the book you ordered will have at least one image of the Bethesda Fountain. It is one of the best known fountains in the city.


    • Thank you for commenting. Yes, I cropped out the lower half initially because there was a lot of unrelated activity around the basin. But in retrospect, I believe this would be the best composition even if the plaza area had been deserted.

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      • Feels like I haven’t commented in a while but I’m still reading as always – photographs and abfriday have been great recently! 🙂


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