No Need to Plan; Just Roll the Dice

The calendar said December 1st, the thermometer said almost 70 degrees, the sun was shining and some interesting clouds were moving across the sky.  Time for a quick run into the city for an unplanned photo shoot.   My weather app showed a storm was coming in from the west so it would be a quick trip.  With nothing specific in mind, I put my fate in the hands of the parking gods.  They apparently were in a generous mood and provided a vacant spot on Constitution Avenue directly across the street from the National Archives.  Not bad.  Here are a few images from the next 45 minutes.  When I saw the  storm clouds moving in from the West (last Image), it was time to go.

Archives 01

Main Entrance Pediment, National Archives

Archives 02A

Cropped, Black and White Version

Ice Skating 01

View from the National Gallery of Art Skating Rink

Archives 03

Looking Up, Plaza Level of Main Entrance

Archives 04

Main Entrance Plaza. Looking Southeast

Archives 05

Approaching Storm, Looking Southwest

19 thoughts on “No Need to Plan; Just Roll the Dice

    • Thanks for the comments, appreciate your checking in. As I mentioned to Manal above, she may have checking a picture on the phone, but pretty funny nevertheless. Actually, I had spoken with her a few minutes earlier. Just as I got to the rink, she and her mother skated up to the edge and asked me to take a picture of them on the ice. As I always do in that situation, I asked them where they were from. Sheboygan, Wisconsin. They were quite amused at our concept of winter.


  1. All are beautiful, but 3 & 5 are spectacular. The sky looks so amazing and the image has an amazing depth of field, love it. And those collumns in monochrome are so powerful, almost intimidating. You really have an ongoing love affair with DC, it always shows in your images.


  2. Robin, I just love your photographs. For me, the storm approaching is a work of art, and I really like the skating rink with the woman reading while she skates. Thank you for all you do to brighten up our days. You are a true artist !


  3. Robin, these are all wonderful shots! I got a kick out of the woman using her phone while ice skating. Had that been me, I would have ended up on my backside. Come to think of it, I wouldn’t need any “help” from the phone – I would have ended up that way regardless 🙂 I especially love the plaza shots – such fantastic perspectives and detail and gorgeous in B&W. I feel as if I’m standing right there!


  4. It pays to be ready and flexible. A lovely series of shots. I visited DC for a week years ago for the first time and mostly took “tourist” shots. I’d love to go back and get more interesting shots, as you have done.


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