Holiday Season in Washington, DC- Part 2

The tradition of decorating a Christmas tree on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol became a regular tradition in 1964.  After some difficulties with keeping a live tree alive, the US National Forest in 1970 became responsible for finding a suitable tree and installing it on the west lawn.  Each year, a different National Forest is selected to contribute the tree. This year, it comes from the Chippewa National Forest in Minnesota.  Compared to the National Christmas Tree on the ellipse, the U.S. tree Capitol grounds is less elaborately decorated in a style essentially unchanged at least since I first photographed it in 2002.

XMAS Capitol Xmas Tree 01 2002

 Capitol Christmas Tree, 2002

XMAS Capitol Xmas Tree 01 2010

Capitol Christmas Tree, 2010

XMAS Capitol Xmas Tree 02 2010

Capitol Christmas Tree with Snow, 2010

XMAS Capitol Xmas Tree 02 2014

Capitol Christmas Tree, 2014

12 thoughts on “Holiday Season in Washington, DC- Part 2

    • Excellent Point. I took a look at the line when I was doing the shot of the Capitol Tree the other night and it was out the door and not moving. Hopefully, the lines will be down after the big day, but it’s always a great show.


      • I went about a week or so ago and had a good time. I had somebody to chat with, so that helped with waiting in line. The staff kept the line moving pretty quickly, it seemed.

        I look forward to returning in the spring and seeing the outdoor gardens in their full bloom.


    • Thanks very much, Manal. The first one, take in 2002 is from a film camera, using Ektachrome transparency film. Things were much different in those days. Hope you are having a happy holiday season a swell.


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