Holiday Season in Washington, DC-Part 3

Holiday Decorations abound throughout the city of Washington and it is impossible to photograph them all.  But one local blogger, the DC Bike Blogger, who gets around amazingly well, has cataloged a number of those that can be seen this year.  You can find his list here.

I have a few examples of Christmas decorations in this post, but all were taken in the past because I still have a few gifts to purchase today.

XMAS Washington National Airport 2007

Christmas Tree, Reagan National Airport, 2007

XMAS Canadian Embassy Xmas Tree 2010

Christmas Tree, Canadian Embassy, 2010

Union Station D-13-12-26-4981_83

Christmas Wreaths, Union Station, 2013

23 thoughts on “Holiday Season in Washington, DC-Part 3

  1. In photographing the National Christmas you did a fine job, which as a photographer myself, I found to be a challenging subject this year. You managed to wait until the crowds of people were not in the photo, but you included the White House, some of the state trees and, of course, the tree itself, all in positions of fine composition. I had not been to see the National Tree for years, but was disappointed to see the individuality of the state trees is gone. The way you framed them in the foregound was the best way to treat the subject. Well done, Robin. Keep posting those great photos for all to see. Have a Happy New Year filled with many good photo ops. Carla


    • Hi, Carla, thanks for your very nice comments. I agree that the uniformity of the state trees was less interesting than previous years. The overall display at the Ellipse seems to change from year to year whereas the Capitol tree on the grounds of the US Capitol building seems to stick with a more traditional look. I didn’t get over to the Canadian Embassy this year, but did locate the tree at Union Station which was moved to the NW entrance near the Metro escalator. Nice tree, undesirable location. Probably due to the renovation work inside the station. Happy New Year and, as we say, keep photographing!


  2. Oh, lovely photos, all, Robin! Seeing your interior shot of Reagan National has helped me make up my mind to sign up for an upcoming photo shoot there! Such beautiful architecture. And I have always loved the wreaths on Union Station. Now, about that drop-off/pick-up/park area …


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