Happy New Year!

Reflecting Pool SunriseIn acknowledgement of this day, the last day of 2014, I would like to thank everyone who helped me with this blog, those who contributed to its content, those who gave me helpful guidance on the many aspects of making it work, and especially to those who have visited and commented on what they found here.

It is also appropriate to look forward to the coming year in anticipation of what it may bring. In that spirit, I selected an image of a sunrise over the Reflecting Pool in Washington DC.  I hope everyone has a healthy, happy, and successful 2015.

40 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year to you, Robin ! You chose such a perfect photograph for bringing in the New Year. Let’s hope and pray that somehow there will be a way that with the sunrise of the New Year a more peaceful world will start to emerge. That is a pipe dream, I am sure, but you never know !! Your photographs help to soothe our stressed-out souls. Thank you so much for what you do ! Love


  2. Happy New Year Robin 🙂 Amazing shot to start the New Year! Perfect as always. It was a pleasure to interact with you and to be inspired by your photographs. Wish you all the best for the next year!


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