Kite Festival

Since 1967, there has been a kite festival in Washington, DC. The festival was started  by Paul E, Garber, the first head of the National Air Museum of the Smithsonian Institution, a man who spent his life helping to preserve world aviation heritage.   Garber’s powers of persuasion were legendary–the festival’s location on the grounds of the Washington Monument became possible only because he convinced the DC Government to abolish its law against kite flying on the Monument’s grounds.

Kite Festival D-15-03-28-9498

2015 Kite Festival

In 2011, the Smithsonian turned over the responsibility for running the festival to the National Cherry Blossom Festival organizers and it was renamed the Blossom Kite Festival.

Kite Festival D-07-0331-008

2007 Kite Festival

18 thoughts on “Kite Festival

  1. Robin – You are dedicated to have attended the kite festival in this frigid weather! But obviously it was worth it – I love that shot of the pink kites!


    • Hi, Joan: Thanks for the comments. Yes, it was pretty brutal out there, but they needed that wind to keep the kites up. I had to admire the participants who did show up. It also gave me chance to check the status of the cherry blossoms. The forecast for peak at 11-14 April still looks about right. But the tulip trees will be out before that. Needless to say, I didn’t stay down there too long.


    • Thanks very much. “Cool” is an interesting choice of words in this case. The temperature this time was below freezing and with the wind, which was necessary for good kiting, was strong. So it was very cold as well;-) Thanks for visiting. I’m glad you liked the photos.

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  2. Set against the blue sky, the string of kites has such an abstract beauty about it! How nice that the cherry blossoms are just around the corner. Here in the high desert of Nevada, where we’ve been visiting, the season has just passed.


    • Thanks for visiting and for your comments, Tricia. Yes it won’t be long before they are out. I did a quick drive through DC today and people are already strolling along the tidal basin even though the blossoms have at least another week to go.


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