Cherry Blossoms–Not Yet!

Although the cherry blossoms have yet to  fully awaken, there are plenty of other photographic opportunities right now in Washington, DC.

At sunrise two days ago, the tidal basin was almost completely deserted.   The sky was clear which means you can get the shot below as the sun clears the horizon.

Jefferson Sunrise 02

Sunrise, April 2, 2015

At sunrise the  next day, rain clouds were coming in from the west but there were some openings in the eastern sky.  Again, the tidal basin was deserted.

Jefferson Sunrise

Sunrise, April 3, 2015

The rain started within an hour after the image above was taken but it was a light rain so I checked out the status of the pink magnolia trees in Rawlins Park (E Street, Foggy Bottom) that usually are open before the cherry blossoms.

Tulip Trees 01

Afternoon Rain Shower, Rawlins Park

Tulip Trees 02

Magnolia, Rawlins Square

Tulip Trees 03

Magnolia, Rawlins Square

While photographing the square, I noticed some white magnolias across the street at the Red Cross National Headquarters (20th and E Streets NW).  A quick check showed that an evening shot might be worthwhile.

Red Cross 01

Evening, Red Cross Headquarters

This morning, I checked out the Enid Haupt Garden at the Smithsonian Castle on Independence Avenue.

Tulip Trees 05

Morning, April 4, 2015

If you want to photograph these trees, don’t delay.  They go quickly and inclement weather is forecast for mid-week.You can also find them in the Sculpture Garden (National Gallery of Art) and at the George Mason Memorial near the Jefferson Memorial.

23 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms–Not Yet!

  1. I finally got to see the cherry blossoms in bloom in WDC last April. They really are spectacular. The tidal basin is one of my favourite spots in DC, always much quieter than other sightseeing areas. I love the shot you got with the trees reflected on the rain soaked ground and the one of the National Monument framed between columns.

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    • Thanks for your comments, Laura. That’s great that you got to see them last year. The Tidal Basin usually is pretty quiet, but less so at the peak of the cherry blossom blooms. Tonight might be a little busy over next to the FDR Memorial. The full moon will be coming up over the Jefferson Memorial. We’ll see what happens.

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      • A moon over the Jefferson Memorial would look fantastic. I hope you get that shot. I look forward to seeing it. I’ve only ever seen the FDR Memorial at night in the dark. FDR is my favourite president so I must take my kids to see the memorial when we are next in DC.


    • Thanks very much. I was down there again today and the blossoms are coming right along. The crowds should be appearing soon, but it was still relatively deserted in the early hours.


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