Antarctica–Lessons Learned

Last December I wrote a guest post “Up for Discussion- Travel Photography” for Leanne Cole, a talented photographer and writer in Australia.  Both she and I were planning major trips to completely different destinations—New York City and Antarctica—and we asked readers to offer their thoughts on what gear we should be taking.  The responses were numerous and full of good ideas.

After my Antarctica trip was completed, Leanne suggested a “Lessons Learned” post might be of interest.  I saw it as also as an opportunity to thank those who commented on the original article.   Their collective wisdom was of great help in my pre-trip research.  On the subject of pre-trip research I would also recommend a post by Susan Portnoy,  an exceptional travel photographer and writer based in New York City.

My Lessons Learned essay, along with a number of images from Antarctica, has just been posted on Leanne’s site so If you have an interest on how to prepare for a major photography trip, please check it out here.  Leanne’s blog has a wide readership so there is bound to be some interesting commentary from her followers.

Antarctica 08

Early Morning, Antarctica

8 thoughts on “Antarctica–Lessons Learned

  1. Hi Robin – as I commented on your post onLeanne’s post, just wanted to again say how useful your follow up is and how breathtaking your Antarctica images are. Thanks also for acknowledging my tiny contribution😊 Your work is inspiring. Chris

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    • Thanks, Ben. You’re exactly right. Plus, there’s no worry about the lens swap move when there is a little snow in the air. It seemed that almost every time we encountered a group of whales feeding, there were light flurries at the same time. No problem if you don’t open the camera, but one doesn’t want any of those little flakes landing on a sensor that is briefly vulnerable during the swap process.

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  2. Robin, it was wonderful that Leanne had you follow up on your original post – now it’s a complete how-to guide for Antarctica and other remote places with extreme weather. Definitely a trip of a lifetime beautifully captured! I left a comment on Leanne’s post for you too 🙂


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