Spring in Central Park

Central Park is my favorite go-to location whenever I’m in New York City,  and tthe spring weather last week made it especially tempting.  Starting from a point at 67th Street and Central Park West I wandered in a generally eastward direction and then south.  No real plan except to end up at 5th Avenue and Central Park South.  The pictures below are roughly in the sequence they were taken.

NYC 02

Looking Northwest toward Terrace Drive

NYC 05

The tulips were at their peak

NYC 03

This classic scene may dsappear if the NYC Mayor has his way

NYC 01Virginia Bluebells in Central Park?  Who Knew?

NYC 04

 The Carousel Building

NYC 06

Slow Piitch Softball Game

NYC 07

Looking Southeast from the Wollman Rink

NYC 08

There was a lot of this going on

NYC 09

Looking North toward the Capstow Bridge

NYC 10

“Desire Lines” by Tatiana Trouvé

Now you may be asking, what do these racks of spools have to do with a walk in Central Park?  As it turns out, quite a lot.  Click here to find out more.

And if you are interested in finding out what flowers are blooming where (and when) in Central Park you can go to this link here.

Keep Shooting…..

20 thoughts on “Spring in Central Park

  1. As it turns out, several of my favorite blogger/photographers have been in NYC in the past two weeks. As luck would have it, my husband and I are here now. I hope the carriages don’t go away. We had a lovely ride yesterday.

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    • Wow, what a coincidence. If I had timed my wandering better, that carriage shot could have been you guys;-) If you get a chance, check out the High Line. But no worries if you miss it; I’ll be doing a post on it later this week.


      • We are here for the B&H OPTIC trade show and seminar We’ve been on the go since we got here. We just ducked out yesterday for a few hours. Two more seminars tomorrow the beat feet back to NH for Wed. morning meetings. Can’t wait to come back and have time to wzplorw


  2. It looks like you chose the perfect day for a stroll around Central Park. When I was there at the end of March it was drab, biting cold and snowing. It’s amazing how quickly Spring arrives and makes everything bloom into colour and light.


    • Hi, Laura. Thanks for the comments. Yes, it was a great day when we were there. March, not so great. I think they had snow there early in the month and I know it was pretty cold and dreary down here in DC.

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  3. Beautiful pictures Robin! My favorite one is the second one from the bottom. It looks surreal, like being painted by someone rather than being taken by a photographer. And I love how you wander without any plan. That’s what I often do to bump into great places too.

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  4. What a great “walkabout” you had, Robin! And you certainly covered a lot of ground. It’s nice to now be familiar with some of these areas since having spent a short bit of time walking the paths myself. Now on my bucket list – revisit next spring! As for the art installation, I read the article and wish I had run across it in the park to see the whole thing. Is there any kind of explanatory piece with the installation? I ask, because without it, one can only guess its meaning.

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    • Thanks, Stacy. The photo of the installation was a detail shot, but the rest of it was more spools of varying sizes. The idea, in brief is that the artist walked, measured, traced, etc. about 400 possible different walks that one might take in Cenrtral Park. Each spool represents one of those walks, a so-called “Desire Line, “some of which are quite long, others fairly short. You route through the park, whatever it might have been, is your own personal “Desire Line” and because it was not recorded in detail, was/is something ephemeral. At least, that’s my take on it.


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