Moonrise: Thanksgiving Eve

Last night, my sister (who is a photographer based in Pennsylvania) and I decided to try and capture an image of the full moon rising.  My sister is visiting for the Thanksgiving holiday and the coincidence of a full moon in late November on a perfectly clear night with temperatures in the low 60s was impossible to resist.  The result is posted below.

Moonrise D-15-11-25-0173_177

Moonrise, Washington, DC

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Keep shooting….


23 thoughts on “Moonrise: Thanksgiving Eve

    • Thnaks, Michele: I’ll pass the word. It turned out to be a tad more challenging than normal. The moon was extremely bright from the very moment it appeared so a few extra steps were necessary (blending masks) in Photoshop. But the result is the way it looked to us on the scene.


  1. Grand shot Robin. The reflections are wonderful. I’m presuming this one is yours and not from your sister’s camera. What time was this one taken?


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