Veterans Day 2015

Today is Veterans Day, originally established for commemorating the armistice that ended the hostilities of World War I, which ended the shooting on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918.  Originally called “the Great War,” the conflict then became known as “the war to end all wars,” but now is merely called World War I.”  Rather than join the crowds and politicians at Arlington Cemetery, or partake of a free meal for veterans at one of the many chain restaurants, or buy a green LED light at Walmart, I thought I would visit the U.S. Institute of Peace, located at the intersection of Constitution Avenue and 23rd Street NW.

Veterans Day D-15-11-11-7538

Twilight, United States Institute of Peace

(Technical Data: Nikon D-800E, on tripod with 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, set at 24mm, 10 seconds @f/16, f/16, ISO 400; photographed 25 minutes after sunset)

Those interested in knowing more about the U.S. Institute of Peace can check the organization’s website here.

Keep shooting…(but only with a camera)

11 thoughts on “Veterans Day 2015

  1. Robin, thank you for informing me about the Institute of Peace ! I did not know it existed, and I will look at the website thoroughly ! I appreciate you so much !!

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    • Thanks very much. As I understand it, they are not set up for “walk-in” visits, but one can go inside if they are attending an event. The events are posted on their website and it looks like anyone can sign up to attend.

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    • Thanks, Elen. Yes, it is quite different from anything else along the mall. And it has a prominent location right on Constitution Aven just to the left as you come down the ramp from the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge onto Constitution Avenue.

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