22 thoughts on “Martin Luther King Memorial

  1. I saw that memorial for the first time last April. It is very striking, quite moving. Your photo of it is lovely. There is also something meaningful in the statue being bathed in warm sunlight juxtaposed against that dark, foreboding cloud.

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    • Thanks very much for visiting and commenting. I agree, the clouds really helped strengthen the image. I’ve been there a number of times since then, but this is still my favorite image of his Memorial.


    • Thanks very much for your comments. I remember that when I took the shot it was a special moment. I had been there a couple days earlier (the actual holiday that year) but the grounds were filled with media people and public officials.So I didn’t take any images on that day. I tried again on the 18th and the conditions were perfect.


  2. Robin, the way you made this picture has a symbolic meaning for me. The road came to the memorial and then split in two directions. Which one is right to chose? It seems to me this person knew. I love pictures with the story telling content.

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