After Before Friday Week 33

Robin Kent ABFriday Week 33 Before Dual                            Before                                                           After

The ABFriday Forum, managed by Stacy Fischer is an opportunity for photographers of all levels to exchange ideas of making creative adjustments in a photograph after the shutter has closed.  My submission this week was taken five years ago this week in West Virginia’s Blackwater Falls State Park.  The stream is Shays Run, just below Elakala Falls.  And if you think it looks cold, you are right.  Please visit Stacy’s Visual Venturing site to see the other submissions.

Robin Kent ABFriday Week 33 Before

Unprocessed Raw Image

A larger version of the original unprocessed RAW image is shown above. (Technical Data: Nikon D200 with 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 lens extended to 135mm; exposure 0.3 sec @ f/7.1, ISO 400)

Robin Kent ABFriday Week 33 Before 02

As usual, the first step in my workflow was to open the image in Adobe Camera Raw.  The adjustments made are shown in the image above.  The settings were as follows: Exposure: +0.20; Highlights: -2; Shadows: +58; Whites: +58; Blacks: -33; Clarity: +33; Vibrance: +23.  The goal here was to bring out the white in the snow and to open up the shadows in the dark areas.  But I knew a little more work would be needed in Photoshop.

Robin Kent ABFriday Week 33 After

Final Image

I didn’t like the brown color of the water in the image, even though it is a natural condition resulting from tannic acid of fallen hemlock and red spruce needles.  You have to be there to appreciate it. I decided to go with black and white.  But first, I wanted to get a little more detail in the snow in the upper left and lower right corners.  This was accomplished with a  Levels Adjustment Layer (Blend Mode Normal). Then I used Channel Mixer, checking the box for Monochrome and staying with the Default settings.  The image was still a little flat, so I used a Curves Adjustment Layer (Blend Mode Normal) to increase the contrast.

Other than the conversion to Black and White, the adjustments are relatively modest. I felt  radical surgery wasn’t needed and  I’d be interested in your thoughts.  And don’t forget  to check the other submissions at Visual Venturing here.

24 thoughts on “After Before Friday Week 33

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  2. Nice work Robin. The black and white really accentuates the image, it draws attention to the cold and the movement of the water. Its a nice image to start with, great composition, so worked well with the light touch!


  3. Black and white seems like the only smart choice when, as you say, the scene was already monochromatic. I like what you did to bring out the texture of the snow.


  4. Even though the unprocessed raw image is the natural one, I really like your adjustments. The photo in black and white emphasizes on the iciness of the weather and makes the white color stick out to the audience. This is probably unrelated, but when I first saw your third photo, I related the stream of water to smooth, shiny hair someone is laying on the rocks. I wouldn’t have thought of this had it not been for your adjustments. Thanks so much for sharing!

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    • Hi, and thanks for your comments. I like your analogy of the hair; I hadn’t thought of it that way, but now that you mention it, I can see what you mean. This is why it is so interesting to get the reactions of others to one’s work; you get to see what you produced through different eyes and in new and interesting ways.

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